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Magnetic Night Light

Magnetic Night Light

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Emitting Color

 Light Up Your World with the Magnetic Night Light

Discover the elegance of seamless design and functionality with the Magnetic Night Light. It's more than just a light – a statement piece that enhances your living space with style and convenience.

Features That Shine:

  • Handcrafted Finishes

Choose between walnut's rich warmth or maple's delicate beauty to match your home decor. These handcrafted finishes create a stunning aesthetic that's as eye-catching as it is functional.

  • Automatic Motion Sensors

With the Smart Dual-Sensor Mode, Magnetic Night Light detects movement up to 13 ft/4m away, offering gentle illumination when needed.

  • Powerful Battery

The built-in battery lasts 4-6 months or up to 8 hours non-stop in flashlight mode. Recharge quickly with the included USB cable, and never worry about buying batteries again.

  • Quick & Hassle-Free Installation

In just three easy steps, your new Magnetic Night Light is ready to transform your space:

Step 1. Glue the base to any surface.
Step 2. Attach the magnetic torch effortlessly.
Step 3. Enjoy and detach whenever needed.


    • Flashlight Mode

    Thanks to the flashlight mode, take your Magnetic Night Light wherever you go. It's as handy as a real torch and far more stylish.

    • Transform Your Home Atmosphere in Moments

      The Magnetic Night Light is not just an attractive addition to your home; it’s an experience that elevates your living space. 

      Why Choose Magnetic Night Light?

      1. Convenience Meets Decor: Effortlessly blend with any room while providing practical, innovative lighting solutions.
      2. Unique Home Decor: A stand-out piece that adds a sophisticated touch to your home.
      3. Quality You Can Trust: Built with attention to detail and designed to last.

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      The Magnetic Night Light – Where Innovation, Beauty, and Simplicity Illuminate Your Life.

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